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 Georges St Pierre

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PostSubject: Georges St Pierre   Mon Sep 12, 2011 5:26 pm

[center] The camera shows a gym filled ith equitment.

Joe Rogan

"Hello I am here with Georges St. Pierre. Now George what is your goal wile you are here in UFC"

Georges Pierre

"Well it is kind of obvious that I will try to become the first ever Welterweight champion. Though the welterweight division here is filled with many people I am the best in the world and I will beat anyone who wants to pick a fight with me. My record speaks for itself 22 wins 2 losses. Only two men have bested me and that number will not rise by much over the years while I am in UFC."

Joe Rogan

"Is there anyone in the welterweights that you would be interested to fight?"

Georges St. Pierre

"yes there is and that man is "The Outlaw", he came out here saying how he will become the future welterweight champion. Well if he wants it he will have to go through me. Now I have some training to do.

Joe Rogan

"OK thanks for your time."

Georges St. Pierre

"No problem"

they shake hand and walk away off the camera
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Georges St Pierre
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