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 Dana white thoughts on Fighters , and Other stuff ...

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Jacob Wolfe


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PostSubject: Dana white thoughts on Fighters , and Other stuff ...   Mon Sep 12, 2011 6:31 pm

Joe Rogan : Hello i am Here with the CEO of UFC Dana White !! , hows it going Dana?

Dana White : It's Going good Joe thanks for asking ...

Joe Rogan : so lets get to the Questions , who is your personal Favorite Fighter her in the UFC ?

Dana White : I would like to say all of them because they are Tremendous athletes , But My Favorite won would be Anderson Silva He is Phenomenal in the Octagon!

Joe Rogan : In the Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy vs Juko match , who do you think will be the winner ?

Dana White : This is a Tuff one ..... i would go with dan Hardy because he is amazing, He Know's the ring very well he knows how to get in peoples head during a Fight , he is Very Aggressive in the Octagon and i think that's why he is Good , as for Juko he is a New fighter ive never seen him In action but he has a Very impressive Stats ...

Joe Rogan : what do you think about the main event ?

Dana White : We actually changed the Main event Now its going to be GSP vs Urijah Faber!! Both of these Men are very talented in the Octagon ! and i Hope they put up a good fight

Joe Rogan : Is it true that Brock lesnar ...... signed up with UFC ? if thats true then wow that's HUGE !!

Dana White : No comment

Joe Rogan : Well thank you dana for letting us interview you

Dana White : No problem

"He shakes his Hand and the Camera fades"
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Dana white thoughts on Fighters , and Other stuff ...
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