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PostSubject: Rematch   Sun Sep 18, 2011 11:40 am

Joe Rogan: Hello everyone once again I'm here with Juko. So Juko what are your thoughts starting off your career here with a lost,losing to Dan Hardy

Juko looks down grinding his teeth.

Juko: Joe that was a fluke victory over me. I fot a little over confident in my fight against Dan Hardy so I would like to take the opprotunity now to say I want a rematch against him. I know I can beat him.

Joe Rogan: If you do get this rematch Juko will you show a different attitude inside the octagon?

Juko: Of course I will Joe this time I'm going to be serious this time I will prove to everyone that I'm not a dude to me taken lightly. Just watch Joe as long as I'm still breathing I refuse to let Dan Hardy to become the UFC Welterweight Champion before I do. Just like my sibiling desciple Anderson Silva I will become the greatest fighter here in this division.

Joe Rogan: Good luck Juko and thanks for your time.

Juko: Your welcome
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